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Summing up the exhibition Mazurskie AGRO SHOW - 18/02/2019

Summing up the exhibition Mazurskie AGRO SHOW

The fifth edition of the Exhibition Agricultural Machines MAZURSKIE AGRO SHOW OSTRÓDA is over. The event was held on February 9-10, at Expo Mazury facilities in Ostróda.

Once again, the exhibition in Ostróda attracted thousands of farmers. February is not a month of intense field works, so farmers have more time and can visit events of this type. For manufacturers and distributors it is a perfect opportunity to present their current range of agricultural machines and equipment before the season starts. This is how the event in Ostróda looked like, with manufacturers and regional distributors presenting all leading Polish and foreign machine brands. Manufacturers of fertilisers, feeds, lifestock buildings, and plant protection agents, as well as other companies from the widely understood agricultural sector were also present.

In total, 236 companies participated in the event. The area, at which they presented their range, significantly exceeded the area available in 2018. As it was possible to organise stands in the hall No. 4, this year the exposition area reached nearly 20 thousand sqm, and this was nearly 12 % more than a year ago.

‘For us, as the organiser, Mazurskie AGRO SHOW opens the season, because it is the first exhibition we organise in the year. I think, we can easily say that it is also a beginning of the season for thousands of farmers who come to this event. From one year to another, we perceive how the exhibition develops. We are happy to see that it is well received by entrepreneurs from the region and the farmers from this part of Poland. This year, the number of applications for the exhibition exceeded the available exhibition area. I hope that the companies who had the opportunity to exhibit in Ostróda are satisfied, and that it was a good beginning of the season also for them, as the Exhibition was visited by 42 120 people’. says Mr Michał Spaczyński, Vice-President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Agricultural Machines and Facilities.

On the first day the event was visited by The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski. The Minister had a very busy day in Ostróda: first he met with reporters at a press conference, where he talked about the importance of responsible and carefully considered investments in farms, about plans to establish a commodities exchange, and other current issues on which the Ministry works at the moment. Then, together with a delegation of distinguished guests representing local authorities and government agencies, he visited the exposition.

The exhibition is also a place where farmers can supplement their knowledge. This year, they could participate in presentations teaching how to provide first aid, and a presentation of working clothes and personal protection equipment organised by the Regional Branch of KRUS. The presentations were held on both days of the Exhibition.

Traditionally, the team from the Polish TV was present at the event, and the results of their work could be seen in the programme Tydzień produced during the event. Another programme prepared there was Magazyn Rolniczy.

‘We would like to thank all people who visited our Exhibition this year. The farmers from the region, who come to Mazurskie AGRO SHOW in such great numbers, convince us that the region of Warmia and Mazury needs a fully professional agricultural exhibition. We also would like to thank the companies for their professional approach and for the perfectly prepared exhibitions. Now we would like to invite everybody to the coming events: Green AGRO SHOW in Ułęż (Lubelskie Voivodeship) on May 25–26 and AGRO SHOW that will be held in Bednary on September 19–22,’ concludes Mr Michał Spaczyński, Vice-President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Agricultural Machines and Facilities.