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22nd edition of the AGRO SHOW Exhibition – summary of the exhibition

When, after a pandemic break, we started organizing the next edition of the International Agricultural Exhibition AGRO SHOW, many of us wondered how such a break would affect attendance. Have the farmers to whom this event is dedicated not forgotten us, are they waiting, are they going to come? Maybe in their search for new products they will not limit themselves only to virtual, digital space after all. These were natural questions and fears as the world took a turn. The fears were natural, but as it turned out, needless. The next edition of our flagship event is behind us and we can already breathe a sigh of relief and thank all those who came to Bednary this year. It was worth all the work and effort to hear from many of you: “It’s good that you didn’t quit,” “It’s good that you carry on,” “It’s good that you are here.” Thank you for your warm words and your presence.

We would also like to thank the exhibitors who, as usual, rose to the occasion and prepared an attractive offer. It turned out that the annual break, paradoxically, not only did not hurt us, but even helped and increased the attractiveness of our AGRO SHOW. At a time when the world was fighting the pandemic, the manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment did not sit back with their arms folded. And the results of this work could be seen in Bednary.

This year, machines were presented that hardly anyone spoke about two years ago and which no one had the opportunity to see. As a result, it was probably a record edition of the AGRO SHOW in terms of the presented novelties. High-performance combines or the first autonomous machines in the agricultural sector attracted visitors eager for technological innovations. On the other hand, compared to previous editions of AGRO SHOW, a very rich offer of machines for the mechanical removal of weeds from fields shows the growing trend of agriculture based on natural cultivation methods. It’s a good sign for the future.

We are happy because we have been reassured that our belief which we have held from the very beginning is right – that direct contact between entrepreneurs and potential customers to whom the offer is addressed is the best form. It creates not only the opportunity to present the qualities of the products, but also the opportunity to recognize the expectations of the market. As organizers, we made every effort to ensure that this information exchange between the supply and demand sides of the market took place in the most attractive form and environment. We hope that we have achieved this goal. It seems to be confirmed by the huge interest in field shows, which have already become the trademark of AGRO SHOW. Again this year, live machine shows were probably the most anticipated and attractive element of the exhibition.

The show featured the machines manufactured by AGRO-MASZ, BEDNAR FMT, JOSKIN POLSKA Ltd., KUHN, KRUKOWIAK – Kujavian Factory of Agricultural Machines and Manitou. The advantage of the presentation was the fact that the work of the equipment could be seen live from the stands and on the screen, where close-ups of the operation of individual working elements were shown. The machines worked in a demonstration field that mirrored the farmland – both uncultivated and sown with maize. A novelty during the show was the use of a drone as these machines are slowly becoming more and more useful in agriculture. The drone took part in the shows only on Sunday, the last day of the exhibition.

As an exhibition organizer, we have always focused on education. This year, Friday was intended primarily for young people. It was on that day that the exhibition was visited by nearly 120 groups from agricultural schools from various regions of the country. Also on Friday, the final of the Medal-worthy Mechanic competition was held, in which the best machine mechanics in 2021 were selected. The winners were: Jakub Brylewski from Raitech, who took first place, Mateusz Kakareko from Conractus Agro who was second and Krzysztof Chodorski from POM Augustów who came in third.

Farmers willing to broaden their knowledge of new technologies could take part in one of the seminars that were organized during the exhibition. The program included the following topics: “Precision agriculture with the use of satellite navigation”, “The use of modern remote sensing technologies in the work of the State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service”, “Innovation Here and Now: Effective implementation of innovations in the agri-food sector”.

This year we were visited by 125.000 people and 536 companies presented their offer. Thank you for your presence and for the trust you have placed in us. See you in a year.