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AGRO SHOW – presentations of machines in operation – summary

The decision to purchase agricultural machinery is always preceded by a thorough analysis of the models available on the market. The possibility of seeing many of them in one place, meetings with representatives of individual companies and the opportunity to see many modern devices during their operation is the best way to choose machines in terms of individual needs.

This year’s exhibition was held on 23-25 September at the airport in Bednary. The favourable weather allowed all participants to fully familiarize themselves with the wide offer prepared by the exhibitors. The great advantage of this event was the fact that the visitors had the opportunity to participate in the shows of modern machines manufactured by KUHN, EuroMilk, Wienhoff, Unia, JOSKIN, autonomous machines by FARM DROID, NAIO TECHNOLOGIES and APPOINTELLI, and hot water washers by Ehrle Sp. z o.o.

This year’s presentations began with the ride of a self-propelled sprayer. The spray boom with a span of 28 to even 50 m, located in front of the cabin, attracted a lot of attention from the audience. The operator’s comfort and high safety are emphasized here. It was noted that the boom with the DYNAPULSE EVO system is prepared for the future use of the individual weed selection system and spot spraying with the KUHN i-spray herbicide, which is an important issue in the era of limiting the consumption of plant protection products. The viewers were also interested in such elements of the sprayer as full LED lighting, the main tank made of stainless steel with a capacity of 5000 or 6000 liters and the machine’s 6-cylinder engine.

During this year’s shows, attention was drawn to the role of organic fertilizers in sustainable plant production and the era of high prices and uncertain availability of mineral fertilizers. The influence of appropriate soil pH on the proper absorption of nutrients by plants was also emphasized. For these reasons, machines for the application of organic fertilizers and lime were presented in the next stage of the show. In the case of manure spreaders, attention was paid to the possibility of choosing the suspension, durability, work efficiency and the possibility of converting to a silage trailer. The maneuverability of the machines was presented and the features of the construction of individual adapters were emphasized. During the presentation of the slurry tanker, attention was paid to the construction of its tank. The method of operation of pouring hoses ended with coulters was described. The fact of high uniformity of fertilizer application which can be achieved with the use of the presented tanker was noted. A quick way of filling the machine and the ease of its operation were described. During the operation of the lime spreader, attention was paid to equipping it with a two-disc adapter with discs for sowing granulated fertilizers and lime. A boogie type suspension with a rear steering axle and hydraulic shutters enabling the seeding to be limited to the right or left side were described. The attention of viewers was drawn to the fact that wind drift in this spreader was reduced to a minimum thanks to the use of special aprons.

The autonomous machines presented this year during the show attracted great interest. These types of machines entering the market are the best proof of the high level of modern agriculture. During the operation of autonomous machines, their multitasking, efficiency, precision and possibility of use in various crops were emphasized. Attention was paid to their role in the era of lower availability of people to work in agriculture, as well as limiting the consumption of chemical plant protection products. The way of driving individual machines was described and the modern systems used in their work were noted. It was also emphasized that despite the fact that these machines do not resemble standard devices used in agriculture, they are increasingly being used successfully in the fields.

This year’s shows ended with the presentation of a hot water washer. Ease of use and speed of work were emphasized. Parameters such as water flow and working pressure were mentioned. The economic aspect of using the presented device was also marked.

The machines participating in the show were entered by their manufacturers or regional representatives. These were the companies KUHN-MASZYNY ROLNICZE Sp. z o.o., EuroMilk, Wienhoff, Unia Sp. z o.o., JOSKIN POLSKA Sp. z o.o., FARMSYSTEMS, INTERHANDLER Sp. z o.o., VANTAGE POLSKA Sp. z o.o. and Ehrle Sp. z o.o.

Organizing such a large exhibition, attended by so many exhibitors and including agricultural machinery demonstrations, is a great logistical challenge. The number of visitors and their opinions about this event indicate the accuracy of the assumptions about the organization of the event and the need for subsequent editions of the exhibition.