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Summary of the AGRO SHOW 2018

For the twentieth time, thousands of farmers and hundreds of exhibitors from the agricultural sector met at the AGRO SHOW exhibition. The event – being one of the largest and the most important outdoor agricultural exhibitions in Europe – was held at the Bednary airport, in Pobiedziska commune on September 20-23, 2018.

This year, for the first time the Exhibition started on Thursday and ended on Sunday. For many farmers, the turn of the summer is traditionally the time when they travel to Bednary and meet with the latest agricultural techniques. And this year was no exception. From September 20 to 23, the Exhibition was visited by 139,200 farmers.

Najważniejsze statystyki

  • at this years’ AGRO SHOW nearly 750 companies exhibited their products, including 120 from abroad, from 19 countries (Austria, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, United Kingdom, and Italy);
  • during 4 days of the Exhibition, it was visited by 139,200 people;
  • the exhibition area amounted to 139 thousand sqm;
  • 21 machine sets participated in field presentations;
  • 14 expositions were prepared on the main runway;
  • amongst the exhibitors, 74 companies were members of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Agricultural Machines and Facilities – the Organiser of the Exhibition;
  • 33 companies participated in the Exhibition for the twentieth time, and this means that they participated in all editions of the exhibition;
  • nearly 2400 trucks were needed to transport machines and appliances displayed at the exhibition.

Industry day

Thursday, the first day of the Exhibition was the industry day. For this day a special VIP zone was prepared for members of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Agricultural Machines and Facilities. Members of the Chamber distributed over 2000 invitations for their largest customers and partners. That day was designated for meetings and discussions with business customers. Some exhibitors organised press conferences and meetings with reporters. Also on this day, a special event was held during which the Organiser – The Polish Chamber of Commerce for Agricultural Machines and Facilities, recognised the companies that had been present at the Exhibition from its very beginnings, during its twenty editions. 33 exhibitors received commemorative statuettes.

Machine presentations

This year’s edition of the Exhibition also involved a new formula for presentations of machines in presentation fields. The presentations were divided into two parts, and each of them focused on a different subject. The first part concerned precision agriculture. Presentations included mineral fertiliser spreaders and tractors equipped with technical solutions and software for tasks performed within the precision agriculture system, and for cooperation with other machines. The entire presentation could be watched from the level of the tractor cabin and of the panel controlling the process, on large screens installed near the presentation fields. In the second part of the presentations, the corn sowing technique in the simplified system was presented.

Agro debates

AGRO SHOW also means meetings, discussions and exchange of ideas. This is a purpose of debates organised during the Exhibition. This year, three debates were held, focusing on different subjects.

The first of them, “Agricultural mechatronic engineer – a profession with great perspectives? Is it worth to study in this area, chances in the job market?” was held on Friday, and continued the subject started at the press conference, at which the new initiative of the Chamber was presented, concerning writing and publishing of a textbook on agricultural mechatronics. The textbook is developed under a working title “Agricultural mechatronic systems”. The lead author is Adam Ekielski, DSc, PhD eng. This work will present issues related to mechatronic systems used in the agriculture, in a very concise and clear way. The final textbook will be available in the first quarter of 2019 as an e-textbook for downloading from www.pigmiur.pl.

The second debate was held on Saturday, and referred to the Exhibition jubilee anniversary. The debate was entitled: “Development of Polish agriculture during last 20 years. Is further fast development of the sector possible in the nearest future?”

On the last day, a heated discussion was held on: “The Programme for Rural Areas Development for the years 2014–2020 – current situation and forecasts until the end of the budgeting period. How can the support be used effectively for modernisation of farms?” It is the subject of particular interest for farmers, manufacturers, importers, and sellers of machines, due to the low budget performance rate under the programme.


As the Chamber, we strongly promote education and sharing of professional knowledge. During the AGRO SHOW, the finals of all-Poland competitions organised by PIGMIUR, “Medal-worthy Mechanic” and “Medal-worthy Young Mechanic”, were held.

Medal-worthy Young Mechanic

This competition is addressed to students at agricultural schools wanting to develop their interest and skills in technical servicing of agricultural machines. Young mechanics from schools from all over Poland had to perform practical tasks, and answer a series of theoretical questions. Students participating in the competition competed for attractive prizes: Additionally, prizes were also awarded to schools which students won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the competition.

The winners of this year’s edition of the competition “Medal-worthy Young Mechanic” were:

1st place – Radosław Kowalczyk – ZSP in Gniezno
2nd place – Szymon Cieślak – ZSR in Lututowo
3rd place – Krzysztof Kałat – ZSP in Gniezno

The finalists competed directly during a practical step that was held on September 19, 2018 at Zespół Szkół Przyrodniczych in Poznan. A theoretical step took place in Bednary. Similarly as in the previous years, the mechanics showed extensive knowledge and practical skills.

The winners of the competition “Medal-worthy Mechanic” were:

1st place – Paweł Pacholec
2nd place – Leszek Konopka
3rd place – Wojciech Pryzmont

This year both competitions were sponsored by a steel manufacturer, the company SSAB.

Accompanying events

Competition “Make show at AGRO SHOW”

The third edition of the competition for visitors to the Exhibition, “Make show at AGRO SHOW”, was held during the event. The participants could meet with Bardowscy and, with their assistance, record their report or prepare photo documentation from the exhibition. Soon voting for individual films will start at www.as18.agroshow.pl. The best photo reports will be rewarded by the jury.

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