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Green AGRO SHOW – the show of machines summary

The demonstration of hay handling equipment is an inseparable element of the Green AGRO SHOW. It demonstrates the entire technological course of works carried out on grasslands. This year’s edition attracted a record number of equipment, all included 56 machines. Many new solutions on the construction and operation of machinery raised great interest of the visitors. 

The show included 14 movers (produced by SIP, VICON, Krone, Fendt, Class, New Holland, McHale, Pronar, Kuhn, Pottinger, Kubota, Samasz and Unia). The operation of machinery with different working widths was presented, both mounted at the rear of the tractor and the sets of front mounted drum mowers and rear mounted drum mowers. Major attention was given to perfect ground hugging, i.e. floating adjustment of the rotary mower to a rough plant. Appropriate machinery operation related to this parameter allows not only to reduce the consumption of individual elements of the device, but also to reduce the level of forage pollution. Interesting features of the presented mowers were also adjustable swath width and the protection preventing damage to the devices through obstacles.

25.05.2019 Lotnisko Ulez . Targi Rolnicze Zielone Agro Show . Fot. Mikolaj Kuras

The visitors had the chance to observe the work of 8 tedders (produced by Talex, Kuhn, Fendt, SIP, Pronar, Samasz, New Holland and Krone). The best solutions related to the construction of tedders were safety devices protecting against grass clogging, wheels adjustments which makes it possible for the machine to work at the meadow edges, HLC carousel lifting system and convenient tedding regulation. Particular attention was also given to perfect ground hugging. After demonstrating the work of each tedder, smooth running of rake took place. The rake did not participate directly in the show, but this element allowed for better organisation of further presentations. Each day, representatives of selected companies presented ways of adjusting the settings of the tedders offered by them, so that farmers could easily match them to the conditions prevailing in individual fields.

Fifteen round balers were demonstrated during the show, both fixed chamber balers and variable chamber balers (produced by Krone, Fendt, John Deere, KVERNELAND, Maschio-Gaspardo, McHale New Holland, Class, Kuhn, Pottinger and Mascar). The innovative solutions of presented machines included: system of variable bale geometry, net wrapping system, which allows continuous control of net tension and the possibility of wrapping the bale with foil by a fixed chamber round baler. 

The operation of 6 round baler-wrapper combinations was demonstrated during the show (produced by Krone, GӦWEIL, McHale, Kuhn and Kubota with Samasz). In the case of these machines, the visitors’ attention was focused on the functions of wrapping the bale with a few layers of foil in the bale chamber, which eliminates the need for the net (this option is also available by the operator’s setting adjustments), new bale handling systems, modern roller of bale unloading and Integral Rotor Technology. The drive of the tractor with round baler-wrapper combinations and a front mounted basket rake attracted considerable interest of the visitors. This solution leads to fewer trips across the fields and the time allocated for harvesting forage.

26.05.2019 Lotnisko Ulez . Targi Rolnicze Zielone Agro Show . Fot. Mikolaj Kuras

The visitors could also see the work of 4 wrappers (produced by GӦWEIL, McHale, Pronar and Unia). The work of remote-controlled stationary machinery with radio remote control was presented. This machine is equipped with an independent hydraulic system so that it does not have to be connected to the tractor. The technological solutions in self-loading wrappers include, among others: patented system of bales loading, roller of their unloading, film break sensors, Pilot Wrap controller.

The operation of 5 silage loader wagons was demonstrated during the show (produced by Class, Pottinger, Krone, Fendt and Strautmann). The most impressive technological solutions in these machines include: easy removal of the pick-up, hydraulically inclined front wall, which is used for pre-pressing the material in the initial phase of harvesting and facilitates unloading of the full trailer, connection of pick-up, CFS rollers, rotor and the cutting unit.

25.05.2019 Lotnisko Ulez . Targi Rolnicze Zielone Agro Show . Fot. Mikolaj Kuras

During the show, the work of 2 forage harvesters was presented (produced by Krone and Class). Noteworthy functions of these machines include: tilting drum bed, outlet channel for high throughput, automatic recognition of the degree of maturity of maize and adjusting cutting lengths, equipping the forage harvester with a camera mounted on an ejection tunnel monitoring the trailer next to it and equipping the forage harvester with a silage feeder.

26.05.2019 Lotnisko Ulez . Targi Rolnicze Zielone Agro Show . Fot. Mikolaj Kuras

The visitors could also admire the operation of 2 cultivating and sowing aggregates (produced by Agro-Masz and APV). The tasks of the moving elements of these machines were: raking grass, removing moss, other residues and irregularities, weeding and aeration of turf. Immediately sown in the open soil, the seeds were pressed by the rollers.

Machinery which participated in the show was reported by their producers or regional representatives. These companies included: P.P.H.U MLEKO-SYSTEM Kozak Wiesław, KVERNELAND GROUP POLSKA  Sp. z o.o., TALEX Sp. z o.o Sp. k., P.T.H. ROLTEX Sp. z o.o., PUP AGROMIX Sp. z o.o., P.U.H. FINO Sp. z o.o., SPRZEDAŻ CIĄGNIKÓW I MASZYN ROLNICZYCH LESZEK KOMOŃ, AGRONOM Sp. z o.o., NEW HOLLAND AGRICULTURE (CNH INDUSTRIAL POLSKA Sp. z o.o.), MCHALE ENGINEERING LTD., PRONAR Sp. z o.o., TECHMLEK L.MITURA J.DRĄGOWSKI Sp. J., AGROTECHNIKA MASZYNY ROLNICZE Krzysztof Laszuk P.U.H., P.P.H.U. A.R. Chmielewski Sp.J., Maschio-Gaspardo,  MASZYNY ROLNICZE MARIUSZ ZDUNEK, AGRO-MASZ Paweł Nowak,  AGROBARD and APV POLSKA. After the demonstrations, the visitors could take a closer look at individual machines in specially prepared boxes and obtain detailed information from company representatives.

Such a large range of presented facilities was a great logistics challenge for the organisers related to planning the appropriate space for all the presented machinery.  The total surface area allocated for the organisation of the event was almost 13 000 m2. Sunny weather was another factor encouraging the visitors to attend the exhibition. However, it is worth noting that high rainfall in May had caused lush greenery with a high level of humidity to grow in the meadows being the place of the machinery show. The farmers could observe how each machinery worked in such conditions.