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AGRO SHOW 2021 – summary of machines show

Implementation of the assumptions of the so-called The Green Deal poses many challenges for modern agriculture. The most important of them is the reduction of the use of chemical plant protection products. The uncertain future of glyphosate also contributes to the need to find new solutions. In some ways, this involves a reversion to traditional agricultural methods, including mechanical weed control. The present day, however, requires and allows for a new look at this strategy, which was one of the elements of the shows at this year’s International Agricultural Exhibition AGRO SHOW. Also, attention was paid to new solutions in the field of the use of organic fertilizers.

The show featured the machines manufactured by AGRO-MASZ, BEDNAR FMT, JOSKIN POLSKA Ltd., KUHN, KRUKOWIAK – Kujavian Factory of Agricultural Machines and Manitou. The advantage of the presentation was the fact that the operation of the equipment could be seen live and on screens, which showed close-ups of the operation of individual working elements. The machines worked in a demonstration field that mirrored the farmland – both uncultivated and sown with maize.

During the passage of the mulch harrow, great attention was paid to the fact that it can be used both for field preparation in simplified plowing and direct sowing, as well as for the maintenance of grassland. It was pointed out that the working angle of the fingers and the working depth of the discs are regulated with hydraulic cylinders, which allows the machine to be easily adapted to the conditions in the field. Additional advantages of the harrow were also highlighted – adaptation for connection with a catch crop seeder and hydraulic folding with protection for transport.

During the operation of the weeder (universal harrow), the possibility of using the machine in standard conditions and on grassland was emphasized. Another highlighted feature was the hydraulic unfolding of the weeder’s frame, which allows for adjusting to the terrain during operation, which ensures even pressure distribution and a large working width of the machine, allowing for greater efficiency and optimization of fuel costs, and working at higher speeds.

During the passage of the manure spreader, it was pointed out that the narrow, specially lowered box of the manure spreader, in combination with the wide wheels of large diameter, allows easy driving and good traction of the machine to the ground on all types of terrain. It was emphasized that on this machine the adapter cover can be opened to 100 ° and it allows spreading mainly by rollers, which makes it easier to work with fibrous material (e.g. fresh manure).

During the operation of the articulated telescopic loader, it was noted that the machine could lift 3.3 tons to a height of 5.2 meters. Attention was drawn to the fact that the design of the device provides the operator with a very good view of the entire working area, which makes it easier to manoeuvre the machine in a limited space. The excellent manoeuvrability of the equipment was highlighted and demonstrated during the operation of the loader.

During the operation of the disc harrow for shallow cultivation, it was emphasized that the use of the machine for stubble cultivation can reduce the amount of chemical pesticides used. This approach is consistent with the assumptions of the legal regulations currently introduced in agriculture. Attention was also paid to the high performance of the harrow.

During the presentation of a multi-task unit used in no-till cultivation, it was pointed out that this machine has the features of both a disc harrow and a stubble cultivator, which allows for thorough loosening and mixing of harvest residues during one pass. The possibility of working after dismantling the plowshares allows for achieving greater working depths.

While presenting the plow, it was noted that the use of this machine enables precise plowing in a line up to the edge of the field and the completion of plowing in one line. The design of the plow allows working in the furrow and outside the furrow. The importance of the special shape of long mouldboards and the system enabling individual lifting of the plow bodies was emphasized.

During the presentation of the slurry tanker, the low centre of gravity of the machine and a light, self-supporting tank with an integrated frame were highlighted. The cart is equipped with a slurry injector and a cultivator with light discs. The advantage of this solution is that it allows for simultaneous application of slurry and stubble cultivation while the construction of the wagon allows for limiting the aeration of the slurry and, consequently, minimizing nitrogen losses.

The work of the cultivators was presented in a maize field. During the operation of these machines, the greatest attention was paid to the machine clearances, various variants of working sections and a large variety of spacing. The importance of using cameras in their construction and the possibility of driving machines with the use of navigation were emphasized. These solutions allow for effective weed control while maximizing safety in relation to the crop. Attention was drawn to the possibility of equipping some devices with optional equipment – a fertilizer sowing system or a sprayer.

The decision to buy a new machine for the farm should be preceded by a detailed analysis of various solutions available on the market. This is possible thanks to the AGRO SHOW exhibition. It allows not only to visit the stands of numerous exhibitors and talk with representatives of various companies from the agricultural industry, but also to see the operation of the equipment during the shows that reflect the field conditions.