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AGRO SHOW – summary of the exhibition

However, the enormity of work and stress were overshadowed by the joy of meeting you. It is difficult to express in words how much we wanted “normality” to return to the AGRO SHOW – not to be limited by covid restrictions and for the exhibition to spread its wings again. We believe it has been achieved. The opinions you shared with us were proof of that. Thank you for everything we heard from you: for praise, but also for constructive comments that will help us become even better in the future.

As always, you did not disappoint us, and you came to the airport in Bednary in large numbers. As always, we have prepared the best possible offer for you. This year, 641 exhibitors presented their stands on over 131 thousand square meters. Over the course of three days, the exhibition was visited by over 71,000 people. There was a very large representation of foreign exhibitors. This year, as many as 99 companies from outside Poland presented themselves. There were also companies from across our eastern border, from Ukraine. We all know about the war there and that Ukrainians, including Ukrainian farmers, are fighting to maintain independence. We are all trying to help them. And we realize that weapons are not the only thing they need. This year, at the AGRO SHOW, we have prepared a separate National Ukrainian stand. It enjoyed great interest among the visitors. We hope that in this way we have contributed to the development of the neighbouring country.

Every year, Bednary is visited by the leading companies from the agricultural industry, representing all sectors of this strategic branch of our economy. It was the same this time. The best producers showed farmers their best products. In this way, the idea that has guided us as organizers from the very beginning is realized: to create a place, a platform for direct meetings, contacts, talks and exchange of views between suppliers and customers. Such a platform not only has a purely economic and marketing dimension but it also creates a synergy effect and an impulse for the development of the entire industry.

And this industry is strategically important, because there is nothing more crucial to every nation than food security. To ensure it, our farmers do not hesitate to use the latest technology. It was visible during this year’s AGRO SHOW, for example during the shows of autonomous machines. Polish farmers are moving with the times, they do not stand still, they want to develop, and they do so. We are proud to be part of this.

There is at least one more thing that we are proud of. Among the crowds who visited Bednary this year, we saw many young people, boys and girls. This sight warmed our hearts. Young people no longer want to run away from the countryside. They want to stay there, take over fatherland and connect their future with the countryside. And let it stay that way. This young generation is our future.

Thank you for being with us on this beautiful, sunny September weekend in Bednary. We consider the 23rd edition of the International Agricultural Exhibition AGRO SHOW to be completed. See you in a year!