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Allegro is a new technological partner of AGRO SHOW

For many young farmers Internet is the only place for checking a price, compare parameters, and order products with a delivery to their homes or the nearest pick-up point. They also know that on Allegro they can find almost everything, starting with seeds, through tools and chemicals, up to agricultural machines and their parts.

Increasingly larger crops

“Machine parts” is one of the most robustly developing departments in the Automotive sector of Allegro. Only in January of this year, sellers posted over 500,000 offers here. The majority of them were new products (95% of the offers). 

The most numerous categories are:

  • tractor parts – 190,000 offers;
  • parts for other machines – 119,000 offers – here categories such as soil farming, spraying, harvesting, planting and fertilising prevail.

Apart from machine parts, on Allegro farmers also frequently order tools, workshop equipment, plants or chemicals. At the same time they also purchase other things here, and they baskets contain tyres, TV sets, or children toys.

Extended possibilities

For many people, Allegro is an obvious alternative to local shops. Inhabitants of towns and villages do not normally have access to large shopping centres or specialist shops with tools and parts. At the same time, they do not want to wait until a local seller orders, receives and sells the goods with an additional margin. A selection of an online shop and ordering directly to buyer’s home appears to be much simpler and reasonable solution. No wonder that each month Allegro is visited by 17 million Polish people, which make over 700,000 purchases here every day.

Purchases even in the middle of the field

Nowadays, purchasers are interested about more than just large range and low price. Purchases are to be increasingly easier and pleasanter. Therefore, they can purchase products on Allegro using a mobile application – at any place and time. 

Whereas, when they want to save on deliveries, they use Allegro Smart, and they make larger purchases on 0% instalments or use a leasing. With all this, the technology not only facilitates farming and farm development but also daily purchases.

Visit agro.allegro.pl 

Allegro – from a startup to the largest commercial platform

Allegro is one of the largest commercial companies in Poland and Europe based on modern technologies. Since 1999, Allegro has been facilitating online shopping for Polish people, offering them the best prices, comfort and full safety of transactions.

21 million accounts have been established on this portal so far. Every day, customers purchase over 1.2 million products on this platform, of which over 90% are new, sold at an agreed price, and with an insurance. Allegro also offers modern online financial services, such as 0% instalments, revolving facilities, and leasing. Over 125 thousand companies sales on Allegro, and they include not only the largest world brands, but majority of them are small and medium size Polish commercial companies. This way Allegro contributes to a continuous improvement of e-commerce standards, ensuring customers rights, while supporting development of entrepreneurship.

Allegro was established in 1999 in Poznań, and now it has its offices also in Warsaw, Toruń, Wrocław and Kraków. At the beginning the company, formed by a few people, was located in a basement of an IT wholeseller, and the first version of the website was stored on one floppy disc. These were the days when the e-commerce market in Poland was at its beginning, ant Allegro played one of the main roles in its development. From that time on, during several years, the company underwent a huge metamorphosis, from an auction service for hobbyists it became the most popular online shopping site. Nowadays Allegro employs over 1.8 thousand people, with nearly half of them being the best technological specialists.
Allegro is one of the strongest Polish brands distinguished by a high quality of its customer services. This is confirmed by its top positions in rankings such as Superbrands, Gwiazdy Jakości Obsługi, OC&C Retail Proposition Index or Top Marka.

More details about Allegro can be found at:
Social Responsibility Report 2018: raportcsr.allegro.pl
Careers at Allegro: praca.allegro.pl // allegro.tech
Brand Journal: magazyn.allegro.pl
Support and assistance: pomoc.allegro.pl // facebook.com/allegro