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Green AGRO SHOW – a record edition of the exhibition

Changeable weather, especially in the week preceding the exhibition in the south of Poland, fortunately did not spoil the organiser’s plans and the event took place as intended. The sun was shining brightly on Saturday and Sunday, which guaranteed convenient conditions for exhibitors and visitors who, as usual, numerously attended the exhibition. As estimated by the organiser, this edition was visited by around 40 thousand people.

Year after year, we can observe that the exhibition in Ułęż is becoming increasingly well-known and recognised by farmers and entrepreneurs operating in the agricultural sector in this area. As a result of our efforts and the exhibition’s promotion in the recent years, we have managed to reach farmers and convince them to visit the Green AGRO SHOW. This can be confirmed by the fact that this year’s event was record-breaking in many aspects. There were nearly 150 exhibitors on the area about 2000m2 bigger than a year earlier, that is around 13 000m2. An impressive total of 56 machines took part in the exhibition. This was a historic record! ‘This year, we had to carefully calculate that the area for planned shows would be sufficient for all participants,’ said Michał Spaczyński, Deputy President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Agricultural Machines and Facilities.

In fact, the programme of machinery shows was very rich this year. Green AGRO SHOW is the place where the biggest presentations of hay handling equipment are held. This is an excellent opportunity for farmers – cattle farmers and milk producers to see such a wide range of machinery working in the same field conditions at one place and time. The following machinery was demonstrated:

14 mowers

8 tedders

2 cultivating and sowing aggregates

15 round balers

6 round baler-wrapper combinations

4 wrappers

5 silage loader wagons

2 forage harvesters

Demonstrations were divided into two parts: The first one, at 11 o’clock included a presentation of mowers, tedders, forage harvesters and silage loader wagons, the second part, at 1 o’clock included presentation of round balers, round baller-wrapper combinations and cultivating and sowing aggregates.

This year’s novelty was the opportunity to a more detailed view of the machines directly after the shows. There, at special stands for demonstration machines, representatives of producers and dealers answered detailed questions of farmers and demonstrated technical data of the presented equipment.

At the same time, during the break between shows, the setting of the selected tedder was presented, which was also highly popular.

During the exhibition, there was also a special attraction for younger participants and enthusiasts of recording and publishing videos on YouTube. Another edition of the ‘Zrób Show na AGRO SHOW’ competition was especially dedicated to them. The effects of the work of young operators will soon be available on the dedicated competition website and, of course, on YouTube.

‘Our assumption is that Green AGRO SHOW should not only be an exhibition in the traditional sense, but a place where we can share the knowledge in a practical way. Therefore, this year, we changed the way of the machinery presentation and for the first time the shows were conducted by two rapporteurs who were able to run the show efficiently and professionally. Based on the farmers’ reactions and comments we can consider this edition of the exhibition as successful.’ – summarises Michał Spaczyński.

The honorary patronage of the exhibition was taken by Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and media patronage held by TVP1. The event was open from 9 to 17.  Admission to the exhibition was free of charge.